Old clothes, poetry, music and the beauty of the natural world inspire me to be present and yet transcend time at the same time. Every day in each moment we have the opportunity to create magic in myriad ways and for me clothing is such a deep part of that. What character do I feel today? What am I going to make and give to the world? An outfit in itself can be a work of art...I guess that is what is meant by style...how we collage together clothes out of how we feel emotionally and physically. It is magic really, the creation of a beautiful illusion that we present to the world that affects those around us. The ability to create is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, so in my small way I hope by offering wonderful clothes and old goods I can inspire those who come across my shop to dream their dreams and create their own magic.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Beauties and the Grand Opening of Moonchild Vintage~

The Faye Dunaway Hat
Soft as Chalk Dress
The inimitable Hanna Shygulla, actress of the German silverscreen~
The suit that reminds me of those lovely ladies of the german screen~
Black Lace~
The Toulouse Lautrec Dress
Inspirational antique Fabric~
The Nico Dress~
The amazing back cover of Nico's 1968 album The marble Index~

Sweetest Eyelet Blouse~
The everlasting inspiration of the painter Frida Khalo~
Frida's Luscious Fruits~
The Khalo Dream Maxi Dress
The signs of Spring~
The Renaissance Bride in the arms of the Lilac~
Inspirational Antique Fabric~
Peonies, Dahlias and Apple Blossoms~
Ladies of the Canyon 1970s Wrap Skirt

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